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God will never disappoint you

  Someone or something had left you with the feeling of disappointment.  It is a feeling of sadness, regret or displeasure that we experience when the other party doesn’t exceed our expectations. Loved ones have disappointed us, coworkers, friends, neighbors, even fellow Christians, a department store can disappoint you as well, the price that was… Continue reading God will never disappoint you

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Experiencing God’s peace

Everyone is looking for peace but they can’t seem to find it because they are looking in the wrong place, beloved, peace  can only be found in JESUS. I recall this specific scene when I was an adolescent, something had happened, an event that caused people around me to panic. Due to the effect of… Continue reading Experiencing God’s peace


Discernment where are thou?

  Discernment is the ability to determine between right and wrong. When it comes to our walk with Christ, it is of utmost importance that whenever we have a decision to make, we ought to seek Jesus FIRST, our guidance counselor. There have been many times we have failed to do the right thing and… Continue reading Discernment where are thou?

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The Subtleness of Idolatry

When you think of idolatry, you might even think of it as something obsolete, dated back in the Old Testament. Far from that, idolatry comes in many form such as self-centeredness, pornography, money, success, sex, food, following the life of celebrities, the immeasurable craving to achieve one’s goals without seeking God’s will, and last but… Continue reading The Subtleness of Idolatry