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God will never disappoint you



Someone or something had left you with the feeling of disappointment.  It is a feeling of sadness, regret or displeasure that we experience when the other party doesn’t exceed our expectations.

Loved ones have disappointed us, coworkers, friends, neighbors, even fellow Christians, a department store can disappoint you as well, the price that was stated online is not the same when you go to the store.

When all else fails, God will give you the strength, he will lift you up from the disappointed place and bring you into his merciful arms. He doesn’t have an inch of disappointment in his blood.

Beloved, God might have responded you with the answer you did not expect, do not be discouraged, yes it sounds cliché, but God has greater things in store for you. His gifts for you, this miracle that you have been waiting for, is much greater than you will ever imagined.  You are far too beautiful to receive something that will disappoint you, so he is taking his time to perfect that desire you have asked him, the master of crafting is molding something precious that is worth the wait to give you; Jesus will not disappoint you!

Forgive those who have disappointed you. They are humans. Pray for them instead.

Luke chapter one verse 37 reminds us the word of God will never fail. Stay in the word; apply it to your life, rely on Jesus to give you the strength that you need to face your emotions.

Psalms 89:33 ‘’ But I will never stop him nor fail to keep my promise to him.’’  The Lord promises you total satisfaction.

Turn your expectations to the Lord. Let him fulfill that need, he will deliver it immensely.

You are beautiful,


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