Come as you are, beautiful!

You are beautiful in God’s eyes because you are simply his child.

You might have heard it many times, ‘’you are beautiful, you have value in ”God’s eye’’, ‘’God loves you’’ and doubt it in your heart at times. On the other hand, your circle might have been different, your surrounding never provided you with those loving words; I am here to tell you there is hope, a hope you can only find in Jesus by having a relationship with God and reading his words. The reality of those words is written black and white in the bible and alive in your heart if you received them.

However, no matter how you feel about yourself, God statements about you remains accurate. He is not one to lie; he is not a God of confusion.  In Numbers 23:19, it is stated that God is not a man, so he does not lie.

Your life might have been emotionally unstable, confused, wreak havoc by circumstances, or you currently struggling with low self-esteem,  whatever the devil has been whispering in your ears for the past years, days, weeks, minutes ago, seconds ago, I am here to tell you: GOD LOVE YOUR MESS, GOD CAN HEAL; He can and will turn it into a colorful robes of finely woven linen and embroidered it with gold and with blue, purple, and scarlet thread all for HIS GLORY.

In addition to that piece of art that is YOURSELF, he will make you whole, joyful, alive, new, peaceful, humble and loving.

Come as you are; surrender your all to HIM, so that he can finish the work that He has started in you.

Come as you are to Jesus so you can birth luscious fruits for his kingdom.

You are the delicate and a beautiful daughter of the most High God.

” You are altogether beautiful, my darling, beautiful in every way.” Song of Songs 4:7



Beautifully Embroidered-New One 2

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